"Art is my life, my passion that fulfills me. Through it I get to unfold my full potential and I am incredibly thankful for that. All of these feelings, these emotions I try to carry into my paintings hoping that in the end others will feel the same kind of joy with my art." - PEPI ERDBORIES

Pepi Erdbories, born in 1991, is a German Contemporary artist who started her career off as an illustrator. She wants to convey one thing above all in her pictures: good vibes. Inspired by abstraction, illustration and various forms of art, her works stand for modern colour compositions that go hand in hand with words in their characteristic font - invigorating and stimulating, like an idealistic and humorous dream of being.

“A white canvas means endless possibilities for me and that reflects my attitude towards life pretty well. I am fascinated by how crucial it is how we think and see things. We always have a choice and I choose art as a mouthpiece to express myself, to break boundaries, to enter into dialogue, to evoke emotions and to bring people together." – PEPI ERDBORIES

Pepi started out in illustration. She successfully implements projects with well-known customers such as L’Occitane, Diesel, EDITED, Hallhuber, Schwarzkopf and many more.


From Berlin and Hamburg to London and Barcelona to New York, Los Angeles and beyond, Pepi is represented internationally in private collections.

“It's best to lose yourself while painting and to find yourself again. There's something magical about it. I forget time and space. It's like I can connect to something bigger outside of the normal mind. I am completely in my element and feel free. That might sound a little crazy, but that's how it is." – PEPI ERDBORIES

Imagination takes you everywhere - a saying that keeps appearing in Pepi's strong, positive style. This stands for the conviction that our imagination is equal to our creativity. With this, Pepi always tries to give hope in her art and to encourage people to believe in himself and his dreams.


Pepi’s works from the series “May you make yourself happy” in particular went viral on Instagram. These are letters, bags, etc. from luxury brands that Pepi provides with quotes. With their charm and sophistication, these works can make you smile, but above all they remind us that joy lies in the little things and that gratitude is the key. 

“The exciting thing is that everyone sees the work differently, connects and associates something different with it. Everyone can identify with the work in their own unique way and derive added value from it. The bottom line is that I just want to convey a good feeling in my work." – PEPI ERDBORIES

Celebrities including Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora, Dua Lipa - just to name a few - love Pepi's work as well and have supported her several times.


She wants to empower people in a humorous way and remind them to believe in the magic of dreams and gratitude. A significant element of Pepi’s work is her handwriting as well as her quotes combined with abstract art or simple things from everyday life.