"My heart is my art"  – GILDA GARZA

Gilda Garza is a Mexican artist born in Sinaloa, Mexico.  She started to paint as young as she can remember, a generational talent passed down to her from her grandmother.  Her work is inspired by strong, sensual and elegant women who with only one look can manage to have the world at their feet. They not only possess radiant beauty, but also keen intelligence and a big heart.


Living in one of the most dangerous places in Mexico she was surrounded by war and kidnappings. Her paintings show all of the raw emotions from these impactful events in her life. She believes the best works of art happen when pain and suffering turn into inspiration and creativity. Having gone through these experiences has only formed her into an even stronger woman who captivated what she was going through into beautiful pieces of art. Every piece reflects a moment in the artist's life.


Gilda's Playboy painting was featured on the cover of Playboy Mexico's February 2018 issue. She is the second painter to have art featured on the cover, behind Andy Warhol in January 1986.


Gilda is famously recognised as the first artist to have an art exhibition on Las Vegas strip. Since then, she has showcased various collections in the iconic Caesars Palace Hotel. Recently Gilda has collaborated with renowned fashion designer Roberto Cavalli where she integrated her artwork into High Couture dresses. Additionally, House of Bijan has displayed Gilda Garza art pieces in the Rodeo Drive boutique in famous Beverly Hills, California.


Constantly striving to find new ways to advance her technique, Gilda takes inspiration from moments in her life; bringing beauty combined and thought to life on her canvases. Her art, described as an original expressionist style with a mix of pop art, has attracted the attention of renowned art collectors around the world.